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Computer & Information Science Ph.D.

Offered by: Department of Computer & Information Science The doctoral program in Computer Science at IUPUI was approved in June 2016. The goal of the program is to prepare students for a career in research in computer science, whether in academic or industry.

Why Choose This Program?

The program is based on a combination of coursework, research and seminar courses. Applicants to the program must have a four-year bachelor's or equivalent degree. We place great weight on the quality of the institution. The applicant must have adequate computer science background, as determined by the admissions committee.

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What will you learn?

Research Orientation Requirement

Students in their first year must take a 1-credit Pass/Fail seminar course (CSCI C591) and as part of this course they must also complete the "Physical Science Responsible Conduct of Research" course online and provide the certificate of completion.

Core course requirement

Students must satisfy this requirement by the end of their fourth semester by passing one theory core course, one systems core course, and one course in an "area of specialization" with an average GPA of at least 3.5. A core course that does not meet the grade and GPA requirements can be taken at most a second time. Taking another course (in the same core area or in the same specialization area, or taking a course in another specialization area) would count as the second attempt. The second attempt at satisfying the core course qualifications will be considered a probationary period for the student to remedy the shortcoming. Students must declare the core courses and specialization course ahead of time, with the approval of their advisory committee, by submitting a declaration form to the graduate program coordinator. Students who have not satisfied their core course requirements by the end of their fourth semester according to the conditions described above cannot proceed further in their Ph.D. studies. They will need to contact their advisor and their advisory committee. Students will receive a letter of probation during their 2nd attempt at completing a core course. Students will be informed that they can be dismissed if they fail to be removed from probation.

What will you do?

Computer & Information Science 

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