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Whitney Walker | Interdisciplinary Studies, Undergraduate

Interdisciplinary Studies B.S. (Purdue degree)

The Interdisciplinary Studies program allows students to combine the science program of their choice with the liberal arts, journalism, or other sciences.

Why choose this program?

Develop a customized plan of study that combines multiple disciplines in a deliberate and thoughtful way to meet the needs of an increasingly interdisciplinary scientific world. An interdisciplinary studies degree is for serious and motivated students who can handle extensive and thorough academic planning that goes beyond the requirements of many other majors.

To get an interdisciplinary plan of study approved, students must deliver a formal presentation to the undergraduate education committee, demonstrating a structured and rigorous theme that draws upon elements from multiple disciplines, including at least one in the sciences. Students interested in the Interdisciplinary Studies program should contact the advisor for this program, Diana Sims-Harris at dsimshar@iupui.edu.

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What will you learn?

The Interdisciplinary Studies program allows students to combine the science program of their choice with the liberal arts, journalism, or other sciences. Maybe you're interested in studying the psychology of sports, or the interplay between science and religion--whatever it is, you can find a way to design a plan of study that will prepare you for the next step, whether it is starting your career or entering graduate school. Your interdisciplinary studies degree will be something completely yours: no two are exactly alike.

What will you do?

Your future in interdisciplinary studies is limitless. Employers and graduate schools look for students who are creative and versatile. Graduating with a degree in interdisciplinary studies not only gives you personalized preparation for your goals, it also cultivates invaluable skills gained in the process of researching, designing and carrying out your unique degree.

Science degrees are in high demand, and with options in traditional science fields and non-traditional areas such as law and business, you'll be prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Consortium for Urban Education

As part of the Consortium for Urban Education, IUPUI students can enroll in a limited number of relevant undergraduate courses at Indianapolis universities including Butler University and the University of Indianapolis if those specific courses aren't offered at IUPUI. This program can add educational options to your degree path while providing you with all the benefits of being an IUPUI student. Learn more about the Consortium for Urban Education.

"Other schools might not have given me the same resources that IUPUI has. I'm here not just talking about doing what I want, I am doing it."

Whitney Walker Interdisciplinary Studies, Undergraduate

"The interdisciplinary studies degree at IUPUI was the perfect fit, enabling me to combine math and biology and tailor a program to the skills I would need to continue my work."

Natasha Arora | B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies 2007 | Ph.D. Harvard, 2014 | Postdoctoral Associate, MIT
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