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As a Psychology major or graduate student, you’ll join a community of students and faculty who are passionate about the science behind behavior, mental and social processes.

You'll also learn from top master teachers and researchers in addiction neuroscience, applied social and organizational psychology, clinical psychology, and industrial/organizational psychology.

The IUPUI Department of Psychology is situated in the heart of Indianapolis, the 13th largest U.S. city, near 5 hospitals, the Indiana University schools of medicine, dentistry and nursing, and countless science and technology companies.

Through internships and undergrad research, our students have unique interdisciplinary experiences where they collaborate across campus, disciplines and across the academic and business communities. 


  • IUPUI is the #1 urban research and life and health sciences university in Indiana
  • Across campus, collaboration occurs with scientists in IUPUI's 5 medical centers as well as the campus' professional schools of medicine, nursing, and dentistry
  • IUPUI attracts dynamic students from more than 146 countries
  • Students here reap the benefits of small classes, an interactive learning environment and challenging material and lab work.
  • Our undergraduate students have co-authored research papers and presented at national conferences
  • Students support each other through peer-lead mentoring, providing a unique environment where students become leaders by teaching others
  • We're great scientists, teachers and community partners

Message from the Chair

Welcome to Psychology! Please take this opportunity to browse our website and learn about the exciting opportunities to participate in one of the most popular majors in the University or join one of our acclaimed graduate programs. Meet our award-winning faculty and amazing staff!  You'll also find information about how to get involved in our student clubs, research with faculty, peer mentoring program, and other exciting opportunities.

The Department of Psychology is part of the School of Science at IUPUI and we offer the following degrees:

  • Bachelors of Arts
  • Bachelors of Science
  • Neuroscience (joint degree program)
  • Psychology Minor
  • Health Psychology Minor
  • Masters of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology
  • Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology (currently on hiatus)
  • PhD in Clinical Psychology
  • PhD in Addiction Neuroscience

Whether your intrigued to know what makes people tick, you want to have the scientific and practical skills to really help people, want to study the brain, or want to help organizations work with people more effectively, you have come to the right place!  An undergraduate degree in Psychology is one of the most versatile degrees leading to a wide variety of careers; and a graduate degree in Psychology opens up even more opportunities

At IUPUI you'll work with a dedicated team of advisors who not only get you into the right courses, but help you chart your path to success throughout the entire program.  Our peer mentoring center has won national recognition for its innovative approach to advisement.  If our website doesn't answer all your questions, please contact our advising office at 317-274-6765 (psyadv@iupui.edu), the administrative office at 317-274-6943 (psyinfo@iupui.edu) or me directly at 317-278-3838 (pstockda@iupui.edu)!

Best Wishes,

Peggy Stockdale
Professor and Chair

Mission & History


We engage in research and teaching that earn national and international recognition, particularly in the area of the health and life sciences. We deliver the highest quality educational opportunities to a diverse array of graduate and undergraduate students, helping them to think scientifically about behavior and preparing them for a wide range of careers. We provide meaningful service that benefits the campus, the city of Indianapolis, and beyond.

Vision and Core Values

We strive to be a premiere research department that is selected as a department of choice by students and faculty from around the world. Our faculty shall conduct world- class research, teaching, and service activities that develop and disseminate knowledge and contribute to the economic growth and social advancement of Indiana and the nation and benefit humanity as a whole.

We are guided by the following core values as we make decisions and engage in activities intended to bring us closer to this vision:

  • We are a dynamic and collaborative community of researchers and teachers that is deeply committed to the discovery and advancement of knowledge.
  • We promote the freedom to evolve in research directions that are determined by faculty and students, to pursue scientific inquiry and fulfill the institutional mission.
  • We consistently foster a sense of academic community among students, staff, and faculty.
  • We work aggressively to recruit and retain a diverse faculty, and help students to attain cultural competence through our teaching and our curricula.
  • We offer high-quality curricula supported by innovative learning technologies. 2

Brief History

The Department of Psychology was formed in 1969 when the Purdue University and Indiana University schools based in Indianapolis were administratively joined through the creation of the IUPUI campus. Psychology faculty, labs, and classrooms were initially based in facilities several miles away from the downtown campus - first in the Burger Chef building, and then in the Krannert Building, across from the Indiana State Fairgrounds. In 1992, the School of Science moved to its current location on the main campus, on North Blackford St. Psychology has typically enrolled the highest numbers of undergraduates in the School of Science, averaging 500 active majors and 100 baccalaureate recipients per year. Students earn either BA or BS degrees through Purdue University, except for a brief period of time in the 1970s when students received IU degrees.

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Brandi Blakley Psychology, Undergraduate
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