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Graduate giving a graduation speech

Graduate Student Admissions

IUPUI is moving to a new application system this Fall. Please keep an eye out for new instructions for the new system. If you are planning to apply for Fall 2020 admission, please do not start an application in the current system as the information will not be copied over to the new system.

Admissions Requirements

Applicants will be selected on the basis of their potential for making creative contributions as psychologists. We are particularly interested in receiving applications from persons with a strong commitment to research, education, and a scientific perspective. Persons with disabilities and minorities are encouraged to apply. Prospective applicants are invited to visit the campus and meet with faculty.

Requirements vary by degree program:

Application Instructions

Ready to apply to one of the IUPUI Psychology Department's graduate programs? Scroll down to read the steps you'll need to follow in order to apply. You will notice that a link to the application is included in these steps. The online application is the only method of applying for our graduate programs. Please understand that if any part of your application remains incomplete after the program deadline, we may not be able to consider your application. Sending your materials on time ensures that your application will be processed in a timely manner. Print this and use it as a checklist throughout the application process.

International applicants may need to provide additional information directly to the Office of International Affairs, please see the "Information for International Applicants" tab on this page for more information.


Complete the IUPUI Online Application:

  • Selecting the correct admission term:
    • You must wait until the correct admission term is active in the online application before submitting your application. This will typically be in August, the year prior to admission (ex: Fall 2020 application opens August 2019).
  • Selecting the correct program and plan:
    • As you complete the Online Application, you will need to indicate your intended program and plan in the "Application Information" tab. Please use the following information to complete the degree, program, and plan questions:
      • Applied Social and Organizational Psychology PhD: Doctoral/PhD, Psychology (Indiana University), Applied Social & Organizational Psy PHD
      • Addiction Neuroscience PhD: Doctoral/PhD, Psychology (Purdue University), Addiction Neuroscience PhD
      • Clinical Psychology PhD: Doctoral/PhD, Psychology (Purdue University), Clinical Psychology PhD
      • Industrial/Organizational Psychology MS: Masters, Psychology (Purdue University), Industrial Organizational Psychology MS
  • Departmental Questions 
    • Please download the departmental questions document, fill it out (ensuring your answers save), and upload it to the "Departmental Information" tab of the online application under "Additional Uploads". 
    • If you can't save the document with your answers: Fill out form, initiate the print command (Ctrl+P), select "Adobe PDF" as the printer, click "print". You will be prompted to choose a location to save the .pdf, and your answers should be saved. If that doesn't work, you may print and fax (317-274-6756) or mail your document.
  • Personal Statement 
    • Your 2-3 page explanation of why you want to enter this program. Upload your document to the "Departmental Information" tab of the online application under "Personal Statement".
      • Please disregard any instructions in the application to restrict your statement to 500 words.  
      • Please convert your personal statement to a PDF for upload.
  • Letters of Recommendation 
    • Three confidential letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation should be provided by professionals (consider faculty members, administrators, internship/co-operative education supervisors, and employers.) who are familiar with the applicant's work and strengths.
    • There is a section of the online application that will allow you to list your letter writers. After you submit your application, an electronic request will be sent to the email addresses you provide with a link to the the applicant rating form and an area to for your recommender to upload a letter of recommendation. This will link the letter directly to your application, and is the preferred method of receiving letters of recommendation. If your letter writers do not want to use the electronic system, and would prefer to send their letters by mail please see the next section for instructions. 
    • Do not ask your letter writers to email their letters directly to the department.
    • Please see the eApplication Management for Students document for instructions on how to check the status of your recommendations and how to send reminders.
  • Curriculum Vitae (OPTIONAL)
    • You may upload a copy of your curriculum vitae to the "Departmental Information" tab of the online application under "Additional Uploads" if you would like. This is entirely optional.
    • Please convert your curriculum vitae to a PDF for upload.
  • Application Fee 
    • ($60 U.S. and $65 International) paid online with Visa, MasterCard or American Express.
    • The application fee may be waived if you have participated in one of the programs listed on the "Additional Information" tab of the application. 
      • If you select one of the programs listed, you must send proof of participation by email to gradpsy@iupui.edu before completing the application to receive the fee waiver code.
      • You should enter the fee waiver code in the "Fee Waiver" section at the bottom of the "Application Information" tab in the eApplication.
      • Programs that qualify for a fee waiver include:
        • AmeriCorps
        • Bepko Scholar
        • Bridges to the Doctorate
        • Fullbright Scholar
        • Herbert STEM Scholar
        • Herbert Fellow
        • Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP)
        • McNair Scholar
        • SPEA Exec Education
        • MSECE with EW Emphases (Crane)
        • National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
        • SROP
        • Project Lead the Way Teacher
        • Woodrow Wilson Fellowship
        • Teach for America
        • Peace Corps


All materials must be submitted to the Psychology department before the graduate committee will review your file. Mailed materials should be sent to:

IUPUI Department of Psychology 
attn: Graduate Application 
402 North Blackford Street, LD 124 
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
email: gradpsy@iupui.edu 

  • Transcripts
    • Official transcripts from every institution of higher learning attended (even if you did not receive a degree) sent directly from your school to our department using the exact address above (signed, sealed official transcripts issued to student are also accepted as long as they are received sealed) - 1 transcript per institution is required.
      • Admitted students will need to provide an additional set of official transcripts for Graduate Office records, and will be asked to send an additional two copies for transcripts showing work in progress at time of application review (showing final grades and degree (if applicable).
    • Secure, certified official digital transcripts sent from your University are also accepted! Digital transcripts must be sent directly from your University to gradpsy@iupui.edu 
      • Important notes regarding electronic transcripts: Digital transcript services that will only send digital transcripts to the IUPUI main admissions offices or that have viewing expiration dates are not accepted. Transcripts from the National Student Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering service often have viewing expiration dates, check with your Registrar if you are unsure.
    • For each institution, please send either paper OR electronic transcripts (not both for the same institution).
    • Do not attach transcripts to your application; this is not an acceptable way to transmit your transcripts to our program. If you are unable to get official transcripts for application review, please email us at gradpsy@iupui.edu to request an exception.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING ALL TRANSCRIPTS: You must send your transcripts to the exact mailing address above, or to gradpsy@iupui.edu. If you send your transcripts to any other physical or email address, we cannot guarantee your transcripts will be sent to Psychology. 
  • Letters of Recommendation (N/A if you sent the electronic request through the eApplication) 
    • Three confidential letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation should be provided by professionals (consider faculty members, administrators, internship/co-operative education supervisors, and employers.) who are familiar with the applicant's work and strengths. 
    • If your letter writers would prefer to send their letter by mail, please download the Recommendation Form to accompany the letter. 
    • Your letter writer may send the letter directly to the department at the above address, or you may send them with the rest of your materials. In either case, the letters must arrive in a signed, sealed envelope.
    • You will still be prompted to list your letter writers on the online application. In the case that all of your letter writers prefer to mail their letters of recommendation, please list their names but use the email address xxx@xxx.com so that we have record of them on your application.
  • Exams (GRE & TOEFL)
    • GRE and/or English language proficiency scores sent directly to us from Educational Testing Service. Unofficial scores will not be accepted for application review except in extenuating circumstances.
    • GRE and TOEFL codes: IUPUI institution code: 1325
      • No specific department code is needed.


Top applicants will be invited to visit the Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis campus in order to interview with the faculty, meet current graduate students, and familiarize themselves with the University and the surrounding community.

Application Deadlines & How To Check Your Application Status

All application materials must be received by the following deadlines (Students admitted for fall enrollment only):

  • Clinical Psychology: December 1st 
  • Addiction Neuroscience: December 1st
  • Applied Social and Organizational Psychology: January 1st
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology: February 1st 

Applications will be processed in the month leading up to the application deadline for each program. If you would like to check to see if all of your materials have been received, you may email gradpsy@iupui.edu. Please be patient in waiting for a response due to the volume of applications received.

Information for International Applicants

International applicants may find the How to Apply section of the Office of International Affairs website helpful when preparing to submit an application.

Purdue University Program Educational Credential Requirements
(Addiction Neuroscience, PhD; Clinical Psychology, PhD; Industrial/Organizational Psychology, MS)

Purdue University graduate programs must follow the eligibility standards established by the Purdue University Graduate School. Minimum requirements include: Completion of at least 16 years of primary+secondary+tertiary education and have earned a university first degree. 

Indiana University Program Educational Credential Requirements
(Applied Social and Organizational Psychology, PhD)

Indiana University graduate programs must follow the eligibility standards established by the Indiana University Graduate School. Minimum requirements include: Have completed a university first degree that grants eligibility for graduate study in a recognized university in that same country. 

Purdue University and Indiana University English Language Requirements

All non-native speakers of English must also submit proof of English proficiency unless the applicant has a Bachelor's degree or graduate or professional degree conferred within the 24 months of the anticipated program start date from the US (except Puerto Rico) or a predominantly English-speaking country (check here for the official list). The IUPUI Psychology Department accepts TOEFL scores (Test of English as a Foreign Language) as well as IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

Minimum scores:

TOEFL Paper-Delivered - There is no total score for the Revised Paper-Delivered test, however the following sub-score minimums must be met: Reading-19, Listening-14, Writing-18.

TOEFL iBT (internet-based test) - A minimum score of 86 is required. Additionally, the following sub-score minimums must be met: Writing-18, Listening-14, Speaking-18, Reading-19. Both total and sub-score minimums must be met to qualify for admission. The average score of admitted students is above 100.

IELTS: 6.5 overall band score must be met to qualify for admission. Additionally, the following sub-score minimums must be met: Reading-6.5, Listening-6.0, Speaking-6.0, Writing-5.5. Both total and sub-score minimums must be met to qualify for admission. 

You must request that official score reports be sent directly from the reporting institution (ETS or IELTS Test Partners) to IUPUI.

For TOEFL, use institution code 1325.

For IELTS, please request that your scores be sent to:

Psychology Graduate Admissions
Indiana University - Purdue University, Indianapolis 
402 North Blackford Street, LD 124 
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202-3275 

International applicants without the required background for the program they apply to cannot be accepted for graduate study, regardless of the name of any first degree they may hold.

Financial Support

Full-time students may be eligible for a variety of University and Department support packages. Support varies by degree program.

Learn more about financial support