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Students and a professor at computer research station

Research Centers & Partners

The psychology department at IUPUI is one of only 5% of all the psychology departments in the United States that exists within a school of science. with biology, chemistry, physics, geology, mathematics, and computer science. Faculty across the School of Science have a long history of collaboration and has established collaborative partnerships with units across campus as well as with organizations in the community.

Department and IUPUI research centers enable faculty and their student teams to engage in ongoing interdisciplinary projects, funded in part by federal grants and foundation support.

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Center

The Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Center integrates research and practice to help support recovery-oriented, evidence-based mental health services. The ACT Center conducts research, program evaluation, and training, while advocating for affordable, accessible, and effective services.

Visit the Assertive Community Treatment Center site for more information.


Indiana Alcohol Research Center

The Indiana Alcohol Research Center (IARC) is a Specialized Research Center which focuses on the elucidation of the biomedical and psychosocial factors that contribute to alcohol abuse and alcoholism. The Center was established in 1987 by a grant from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) of the National Institutes of Health. The NIAAA is the major federal agency supporting research into the etiology, pathogenesis, treatment and prevention of alcoholism.

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Alumna helps people with psychiatric disabilities live successful lives

Sandra Resnick 2001 and 1998 Alumna, Ph.D. and M.S. Clinical Rehabilitation Psychology
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