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Students volunteering painting a mural

Expand your learning from faculty-led research and international travel and learning to service learning experiences and experiential learning through professional practice. 

Student Engagement and Scholarships

Engage more deeply in your learning and get involved with experiences that contribute to your intellectual and professional development in unique ways. Learn about new scholarship opportunities offered by the Department of Psychology that will facilitate your engagement with your major.

In addition to traditional academic offerings, IUPUI  and IUPUI Department of Psychology provide programs designed to help students access cross-functional areas of study, supplement and enrich regular degree programs or gain international experience.

Undergraduate research assistant application

An undergraduate research assistant works with faculty and graduate students on research projects they direct.  You may be asked to conduct literature reviews, help create research materials, assist with data collection, assist with data analysis, and other tasks.  Some undergraduate research assistants with advanced skills and competencies may be able to conduct their own research under the supervision of a faculty member.  

If accepted as a research assistant, you may be asked to enroll in Psy-B492.  Generally it is expected that for each  hour you enroll, you will be asked to perform three hours of research assistant duties, per week.

Research Assistants must be highly conscientious and committed to completing assigned research tasks and responsibilities.  A research assistantship is highly rewarding and critical for acceptance into high quality graduate and professional programs.  

Research assistantships are also highly competitive; therefore, not all applicants may be accepted.

Learn more and apply

Psychology peer advisor application

The Peer Advisor is a student held paraprofessional position. The Peer Advisor reports to the Assistant Director of Student Development and performs duties in the Psychology Advising Office.

The main purpose of this position is to advise a diverse body of psychology majors educating them about academic and course advising resources and tools, career development resources and tools, and experiential learning opportunities.

This will help build students' academic and career planning confidence, knowledge about their degree program and career options, and action plan to carry out their academic and career goals.  Students should apply in March to be considered for the Peer Advisor program for the following academic year.

Learn more and apply

Undergraduate learning assistant application (for PSY-B110)

Learning Assistants work with PSY-B110 instructors and are assigned to one section that fits your schedule. This Friday seminar is mandatory

The first semester to serve as a learning assistant you must enroll in PSY-B422 - Professional Practice in Psychology for 3 credit hours. This is a mandatory class.  Contingent upon good to excellent performance, you will be asked to continue to serve as a learning assistant in the future. Returning assistants (i.e., those who have served as an assistant in previous semesters) are eligible for a $750 scholarship.

Learn more and apply

Undergraduate teaching assistant scholarship

The Teaching Assistant Scholarship is an opportunity for advanced Psychology majors to develop professional experience as a teaching assistant for one of our undergraduate courses for a $500 scholarship. 

You'll work closely with the course instructor (faculty mentor) on activities such as (a) assisting with in-class activities; (b) providing feedback on student assignments; and possibly (c) developing and delivering a teaching lesson for the class.  

TA Scholars will receive professional guidance from their faculty mentor.  TA Scholars must have completed the course(s)  they wish to serve as a TA for at IUPUI with a grade of B+ or better.  Applicants will be reviewed and approved by the instructor and the Department Chair.  

Learn more and apply

Psychology clubs

The IUPUI Psychology Department has two very active student organizations: Psychology Club and Psi Chi. They work and meet together to provide opportunities for students to get involved. Some of the things they have done in the past are bring in speakers, hold graduate school panels, sponsor research presentations, and provide service such as Race for the Cure and Lunch Buddies with IPS. 

Learn more about these student organizations on social media.

Apply for a Psychology club officer position

Science Pre-Professional & Career Preparation (PREPs)

The School of Science Office of Pre-Professional and Career Preparation (PREPs) for Science students and alumni offers career and professional development related to academic and career planning to help translate professional goals into reality.

See Science career site

Special IUPUI Programs

  • IUPUI Honors College

    An academic community for high ability students in an urban research environment

    The IUPUI Honors College is a place where motivated, creative students work together—and challenge each other—to make an impact on the IUPUI campus, downtown Indy, and the world.

  • Study abroad

    Go on an adventure that changes your life

    Study abroad is much more than a trip—it’s an intellectual and cultural adventure that will change the way you see the world, other people, and yourself.

  • MAC Center

    Collaboration with peers on math assignments

    The MAC is located in Taylor Hall (UC B001) and offers tutoring and peer mentoring from fellow students to anyone in a mathematics course.

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